I am a Toronto based visual communicator with a background in digital interactive, toy design and marketing design.
My expertise is in designing and developing successful children's
brands for both the entertainment 

and toy industries.
I have extensive experience executing ideation and guiding development for various projects, including toys, games and apps for PBS Kids, TVO Kids, the Royal Ontario Museum, and for the Webkinz family of IPs.
fun facts:
In my spare time I created Chipfits.com, a personal project consisting of a series of animated shorts that revolve around a satirical brand of potato chip mascots.
In 2017, I partnered with Sinking Ship Interactive to develop a Chipfits branded mobile app for players 13 and up. 
Funding for the prototype was secured through the Canada Media Fund: Innovation Stream - Prototyping Program.
Every once and a while I receive fan mail
for the time I performed and wrote on the wildly popular Webkinz Kinz Tunes, a series of online, animated music videos for kids.
I Had a shoe explode on my foot while attending the
2017-2018 Creative Daytime Emmys.
A bunch of people got hopped up on sugar that day I organized a cereal tasting party at the
Toronto Intercontinental hotel.
One time I created a series of superhero trading cards, based on friends and family, which revolved around inside jokes and special events. 
Proceeds raised from the sales were donated to the
Toronto Food Bank.
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